Monday, October 5, 2009

Green Salad with Pomegranate, Peaches, and Pepitas

Sweet late summer peaches and glistening ruby pomegranate jewels pop over a bed of baby spinach where pepitas and sunflower sprouts crunch. High-magnesium pepitas and anti-oxidant pomegranates make this salad burst with nutrition, too. For best results, share with friends. This is more of a list of ingredients than a recipe. All measurements should be done to taste.

Serves: 2-4-6 (depending on the proportions you use)
Time: 15 minutes, including chopping time

1 pomegranate
baby spinach
sunflower sprouts
2 peaches, diced
handful mint leaves, coarsely chopped
handful pepitas

2 T balsamic vinegar (fig-balsamic vinegar if you can find it)
1 T honey
salt and red pepper flakes to taste

1) Cut the pomegranate crosswise into ~4 slices and place the slices into a bowl of cold water. Winnow out the seeds. The pith will float to the top and you can skim it off.
2) Rinse and spin in a salad spinner the spinach, sunflower sprouts, and mint.
3) Toss together the pomegranate seeds and all other salad ingredients in a large bowl.
4) Whisk together the vinegrette and dress the salad.
5) Crunch with glee.

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